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Welcome to Luxura Modern Aesthetix, where luxury is a sustainable way of life for everyone! Because modern aesthetics is about results, Luxura is your trusted resource for the most advanced, state-of-the-art treatments and cosmetic solutions, tailored to your exact needs. At Luxura, change is on your own terms, designed to be both empowering and pro-active, whether that means periodic Botox® for smoothing forehead furrows and crow’s feet, or seasonal BBL™ photofacials for banishing age spots and reversing sun damage. Luxura Modern Aesthetix is your partner for helping you achieve your personal best while staying true to you — and feeling amazing in the process!

We’re thrilled to serve you, and we can’t wait for you to experience the highest level of medical aesthetics in Chicagoland.

Luxury as a Lifestyle

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil in the office or celebrating with your friends at the bar, you’re a man who expects life to be extraordinary, and you’re committed to living and looking the part with equal measure. Because sometimes living an extraordinary life takes its toll —maybe you’ve noticed a few wrinkles setting in, or a bit of sagging, crepey skin on your neck or chin — you are also a savvy purveyor of clinically-proven aesthetic treatments, which is what brings you to Luxura Modern Aesthetix.
Luxura Modern Aesthetix is committed to helping you realize your best self — to living the extraordinary life — by providing you with the highest level of aesthetic treatments and personally tailored care in Chicagoland. Whether you visit us to slim fat with non-invasive CoolSculpting® or to brighten and tighten your visage with Botox® and laser skin renewal, our service offerings are designed for men who want results with little to no downtime. Because looking great and feeling your best should fit seamlessly into your life. For extraordinary people like you, aesthetix is not luxury, it’s necessity.

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