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Slim, trim, and tone your contours without invasive measures or the hassle of downtime with the world’s top FDA-cleared body sculpting technologies.

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CoolSculpting | CoolTone

Kick your workouts up a notch (or 1,000!) with CoolTone™, a non-invasive muscle-strengthening treatment from the makers of CoolSculpting®. CoolTone induces thousands of muscle contractions using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) technology. The targeted muscles respond to these MMS contractions by strengthening muscle fibers, resulting in muscle toning and improved muscle conditioning without a moment spent at the gym.

CoolTone can help provide:
    Abdominal definition (six-pack abs, for example)
    Lifted, rounded buttocks (non-surgical butt lift)
    Firmer, more toned thighs
    Muscle strengthening and definition
    Smoother, more toned belly
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FAQs: CoolTone Non-Invasive Muscle Toning in Chicago

You will relax while we apply the CoolTone treatment paddle to your target area. CoolTone emits powerful magnetic energy through the skin and fat layers to target only the muscle layer, inducing thousands of involuntary muscle contractions, resulting in muscle fiber strengthening and improved muscle conditioning.
Each CoolTone session takes about 30 minutes.
This well-tolerated treatment may make you feel like you’ve had an intense workout, but you should feel relatively comfortable during and after your session.
Possible side effects of CoolTone include muscle soreness, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, and local skin redness. Most side effects quickly subside within the hours after your session.
After a series of treatments, you will enjoy a firmer and more defined appearance to your treated areas.
For your best results, we recommend a series of at least four treatments.
Your cost will depend on the areas you are treating and your body contouring goals. We will carefully review your needs during your personal consultation to develop the optimal CoolTone regimen for you.