Halo Laser Skin Renewal

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Brighten, lift and tighten your look with the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments on the market.

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Hit the refresh button on your complexion and get your glow on with Halo™, the world’s first hybrid laser skin resurfacing treatment. Best-in-class, Halo stimulates skin with two types of laser energy — ablative and non-ablative — for intense skin renewal at multiple levels with dramatic improvements in tone and texture.
Halo helps:
    Smooth lines and wrinkles
    Brighten dullness
    Shrink pores
    Diminish pigmentation irregularities
    Improve rough texture
    Reveal youthful radiance
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FAQs: Halo in Chicago in Chicago, IL

You will relax will we wash your face and apply a topical numbing cream. Once your treatment areas are fully numb, we will carefully administer your Halo treatment, gently moving Halo’s hand-held wand around your face, neck and chest, as indicated. Halo’s ablative laser creates thousands of tiny treatment channels in your skin, essentially “damaging” a fraction of your skin to initiate its natural healing response.
You will feel comfortable throughout your treatment but may experience moments of discomfort depending on the intensity of your treatment. Immediately following your Halo, your skin will feel extremely sunburned and look bright red. This sensation will last about one hour before gradually subsiding.
Your skin will start renewing itself, changing day by day to reveal radiant new skin! In the first few days, your redness should gradually fade and turn into a bronze, crust-like patina. This is simply your skin renewing itself. This patina will gradually flake off by the end of the week to reveal glowing, intensely renewed skin that looks smoother and younger.
After the first week following your Halo treatment, you will notice dramatic improvements, with continued improvements as your skin continues to spur new collagen growth.
Halo takes about an hour and a half from start to finish, though your treatment time will depend on the areas you are treating.
Halo is individually priced for the face, neck and chest areas. Your treatment cost will depend on the areas you are treating, and we will review your options during your personal consultation.