IV Hydration

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Self-care at its best, IV Hydration helps to replenish depleted fluids and vital nutrients so you can take on the world again with renewed zest.

Some days you need a boost, whether you’re hungover from a night out with friends, or returning from a business trip where you caught a monster cold from all the sneezing and coughing passengers on the plane (so unfair), you need some TLC, and pronto! IV Hydration in Chicago at Luxura Modern Aesthetix is a safe and relaxing solution for replenishing your body with vital nutrients and hydration so you can take on life with renewed grace and gusto.
At Luxura, we offer a selection of IV Hydration cocktails to help:
    Boost energy
    Replenish vital hydration
    Curb nausea
    Soothe jet lag
    Brighten skin
    Boost immunity
    Improve symptoms from the common cold and flu
    Recover from hangovers
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FAQs: IV Hydration in Chicago, IL

You will relax in a chair while we administer your IV cocktail. You will feel at ease and comforted knowing you are practicing self-care at its best.
IV Hydration is a popular wellness treatment for its ability to quickly replenish your body with nutrients and hydration. The nutrients in IV Hydration may be more easily absorbed by the body than vitamins or powders. We will help you decide if IV Hydration is right for you during your personal consultation.
At Luxura, we offer a wide range of IV cocktails and will tailor your session to your body’s exact needs.
The entire session may last 30 minutes. If you wish to combine your IV Hydration with another spa treatment, your treatment time will be longer.
We offer group specials for parties seeking to experience IV Hydration as a group, such as bachelor or bachelorette parties. Call 773.453.7500 to schedule your party today!