Laser Hair Removal

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Free yourself from the hassle of daily grooming rituals and say goodbye to razor burn and unsightly ingrown hairs with a series of laser hair removal treatments in Chicago

Tired of waxing, plucking and shaving? It’s time to simplify your grooming routine with a series of laser hair removal treatments in Chicago. Laser hair removal is a safe and proven solution for removing unwanted hair anywhere on your body with little to no downtime.
Laser hair removal is ideal for removing hair on the following areas:
    Bikini line
    Upper lip
    Upper and lower legs
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FAQs: Laser Hair Removal in Chicago, IL

We will apply a clear gel to your treatment areas to help your skin absorb the laser energy. The laser will then target and disable hair follicles with laser energy without breaking the surrounding skin. Once your hair follicles are disabled, the hair will gradually fall out of the follicles, revealing smoother, hair-free skin in the weeks and months following treatment.
Since your hair grows in stages and your hair follicles are not consistently active, it typically takes a series of at least five laser hair removal treatments to hit all the hair follicles and reveal the results you want. Every person responds differently to treatment. Certain areas of the body are easier to treat than others. Results also depend on your skin tone and the color of your hair. We will work with you until you have reached your goals.
Since laser hair removal does not harm the surrounding skin, there is little to no downtime with this treatment.
Your treated areas may look slightly red or pinkish. You may also feel slightly sunburned, but these sensations dissipate quickly following your treatment.
Many people compare laser hair removal to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin. This discomfort lasts only as long as the light is penetrating your skin and resolves immediately.