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#LYBL IV Membership Club


Get great discounts for many of the body recovery and brain boosting IV treatments at Luxura!

Monthly Membership is $120.

With your membership, you get $50 off each of the following IV treatments whenever you need them:

  • Myers Cocktail – Immunity, sports recovery, hangover helper, all-in-one IV.
  • Get-Up-and-Go! – Burn fat, feel energized, and boost your metabolism.
  • Immunity Boost – Boost your immune system, feel better faster after a cold.
  • B Lean IV therapy – Burn fat, boost metabolism, enhance blood flow & circulation.
  • Reboot Hangover IV therapy – Ease hangover headache and hydrate.
  • Quench – Hydrate and combat fatigue
IV-therapy Chicago 2

Why Do IV Therapy

IV therapy quickly delivers fluids, medication and nutrients to the body while bypassing the gut and going directly into the bloodstream. Treatment is quick, painless, and you leave feeling the benefits immediately!

IV solutions contain hydration, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, medications and other health boosting substances depending on your individual needs. 

Join the IV club and #LYBL with Luxura!