Make This Winter Steamy with PRF for Sexual Wellness! Chicago, IL

Woman on a mans back back looking intimate

Tis the season to be … romantic!

OK, so we admit that’s not how the song goes, but we can’t resist singing about it because we are super excited to offer all-natural platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatments for sexual wellness. As you may already know, here at Luxura Modern Aesthetix we offer platelet-rich fibrin, a more advanced and purer form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with longer-lasting growth factors and healing benefits. We are proud to use PRF in our two treatments for sexual wellness: The P-Shot® for men and The O-Shot® for women. This month, when you purchase The O-Shot or The P-Shot, you’ll receive FREE IV Therapy, so now is a great time to schedule this exciting wellness service!

Here’s a closer look at how The P-Shot and The O-Shot work and may help you and your partner reclaim your sexual vitality this winter.

The O-Shot for women injects PRF into the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall, which sounds a bit scary. But don’t worry, this treatment is comfortable and extremely well-tolerated. Plus, there’s no downtime. PRF stimulates renewal, boosting blood flow and tissue and nerve regeneration for impressive benefits. You’ll need to abstain from sexual intercourse for a day or two following your treatment, but after that, you’ll be able to enjoy enhanced libido, more intense and more easily achieved orgasms and even improved urinary incontinence.

The P-Shot for men injects PRF into specific areas of the penis. We know this sounds scary, but you’ll be fully numbed throughout your treatment and won’t feel any discomfort. PRF helps boost blood flow and encourage revitalization throughout your tissues. You’ll start noticing improvements within days following your treatment. Many men report feeling more easily achieved and stronger erections, longer duration of erections and enhanced orgasm strength, to name just a few common benefits of The P-Shot.

Perhaps the best part about PRF for sexual wellness, aside from the benefits, is that PRF is 100% natural. A concentrated portion of your very own blood, PRF helps spur healing and revitalization within your body with virtually no risk or downtime. It’s hard to beat that!

To learn more about The O-Shot or The P-Shot, please call 773.453.7500 or request a consultation online today!