MORE Ways to Get Glowing! Chicago, IL

Female smiling with leaves falling in the background

Newsflash: if you’re looking to flaunt healthy, smooth, luminous skin this holiday season, the time is right to take action because we’re offering a Glow Getter Package, which includes three skin renewing technologies for $125 off this month. We know, this is our second blog about glowing skin this month, but it’s intentional! In case you’re new to the aesthetic world, the fall and winter months are ideal times to undergo skin rejuvenation treatments of any kind. For one, newly treated skin needs to be protected from the sun, so it makes perfect sense to do treatments when the sun is weaker. And two, it’s easier to protect your skin from the sun when you are spending more time indoors anyway.

Here’s a closer look at what our Glow Getter Package can do for you:


Ideal for smoothing away textural irregularities like acne scars, SkinPen® microneedling creates thousands of tiny holes in your skin with tiny sterile needles, stimulating your skin’s natural healing response. As your skin heals, it prompts new collagen and elastin growth, replacing old skin with vibrant new skin that looks smoother, brighter and more evenly toned. We can kick your microneedling up a notch (or thousand!) by adding platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to the mix. PRF is the most concentrated form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stimulating intense renewal and complexion benefits while speeding up healing.

Chemical peels

Another textural and tonal perfector is chemical peels, which use a carefully formulated mix of exfoliants to remove the outermost layers of dead, dull skin cells, ultimately revealing smoother, brighter and more evenly toned skin. Chemical peels are a must for removing age spots and melasma, so if you’re looking to remove sun damaged skin, you’ll love the results you’ll get from a series of professional peels.

Diamond Glow

You’ve heard of HydraFacial®, right? Well, we did the research and decided to provide an even more effective skin treatment with zero downtime, called Diamond Glow! This state-of-the-art dermabrasion treatment simultaneously exfoliates dead skin cells, extracts impurities and infuses your dermis with results-driven serums that are tailored to your exact needs. With Diamond Glow, you can boost your skin’s volume by 70%! Best of all, Diamond Glow offers head-to-toe skin care with the Diamond Glow Body System, which combines polishing, vacuum massage and serum infusion for improving cellulite, back acne, stretch marks and much more.

For even more savings, this month is a perfect time to start renewing your skin. If you book a consult, you’ll get 30% off any recommended treatment products and 10% off your service. To learn more and get glowing, please call 773.453.7500 or request a consultation online today!