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Med Spa Chicago
Estimated Price: Needs Consultation

Who doesn’t like a little extra help now and then? CoolSculpting® is the extra body contouring help you’ve always wanted! This FDA-cleared non-invasive fat reduction treatment has helped millions of people around the world and counting to freeze away fat bulges with little to no downtime.

Popular Services
Laser Hair Removal
Estimated Price: Needs Consultation
*A consultation is needed to book an appointment & price depends on which area of the body and how many treatments you need
Dermal Fillers
Estimated Price: $750
Member Price: $600
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Estimated Price: $1485 / 10 Massage Bundle Available
IV Therapy
Estimated Price: $200
Member Price: $160
Halo Laser Skin Renewal
Estimated Price: $1,500
Member Price: $1,200
*A consultation is needed to book an appointment
Luxura Triplex Facial Treatment
Estimated Price: $600
Member Price: $480