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Luxura 16
Dermal Fillers
Estimated Price: $750
Members Price: $600

Dermal fillers are used to replensih lost volume, smooth away lines and wrinkles, and plump up the lips. You can use dermal fillers on your lips or cheek area. Smooth away lines and wrinkles and replenish lost volume for a years-younger look without the hassle of surgery, thanks to fda-approved botox® and dermal fillers.

There’s no faster, more immediate way than dermal fillers to reverse signs of aging. If you’d like to replenish lost volume, smooth away lines and wrinkles and plump your pout, then it’s time to consider tried-and-true FDA-approved dermal fillers from Luxura Medspa.

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Laser Hair Removal
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*A consultation is needed to book an appointment & price depends on which area of the body and how many treatments you need
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