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Woman touching her smooth skin on her face

Let’s face it (pun intended): you deserve to have gorgeous skin. In fact, all of us deserve a little extra TLC for ourselves right now, and skin rejuvenation is a perfect way to do it. With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start scheduling your skin rejuvenation treatments with us. To help you get into the spirit so you can look and feel amazing all season long, here’s our pick of glow-getters, plus discounts to make your glow-getting experience even brighter!

Halo laser skin renewal is $250 Off!
The Halo glow is a real thing, not just a marketing gimmick! Halo is a fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment that stimulates your skin with two types of laser energy — ablative and non-ablative — to stimulate cellular renewal and new collagen production from deep within for a wide range of complexion benefits. Halo will help you enjoy smaller pore size, smoother texture, diminished fine lines, brighter skin tone and an overall more youthful radiance you probably haven’t seen since high school (though back then, we were too young to appreciate how great our skin really looked). We recommend undergoing Halo as soon as you can, at least a month before you want to be “seen,” because the benefits are gradual. Within the first week, you’ll experience redness and peeling. After about a week, you’ll start to notice your radiant new complexion. As your skin continues to heal in the weeks following your treatment, triggering vibrant new collagen and elastin growth, you’ll notice continued improvements! Halo is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Stay forever young with Broadband Light (BBL) Photofacial! This month, when you buy three BBL face treatments, you’ll receive a FREE neck or hand treatment.
If you’re struggling to cover up pigmentation spots like sunspots, age spots, brown spots or freckles, or if you experience chronic redness, rosacea or splotchy patches due to broken capillaries or small veins, then broadband light (BBL) photofacial is the perfect solution. The broadband light photofacial is the gold standard for correcting uneven pigmentation concerns and revealing brighter, more evenly toned skin. This treatment stimulates skin without breaking it, so there’s also no downtime to worry about. You can schedule a treatment on your lunch break if you like! The best part about BBL is that you are renewing your skin and making it healthier by reversing sun damage and helping your skin look and behave younger. So it’s not just about looks! With broadband light photofacial, it’s also about your skin health, which we think is pretty cool.

With skin renewal, more IS BETTER…which is why we are offering a Glow Getter Package, where you can experience three glow-getting treatments for $125 off.
Our package includes microneedling, Diamond Glow and chemical peel. These three treatments exfoliate dead skin, stimulate new collagen growth and reveal a smoother, tighter, younger-looking complexion with minimal to no downtime.

To learn more about any or all of our glow-getting treatments, please call 773.453.7500 or request a consultation online today!