The P-Shot®

Smiling man in the park
It’s time to stop erectile dysfunction (ED), decreased libido or other sexual health concerns from impacting your quality of life! We are ready to help you regain sexual health and vitality with the P-Shot, a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment specifically for men.
You may already be aware of the healing and restorative benefits of PRP for professional athletes, but this all-natural source of rejuvenation is also highly effective for treating sexual health concerns for men! PRP uses your body’s own healing and growth factors to improve your sexual health with little to no risk of downtime or side effects.
The P-Shot can help:
    Reinvigorate sex drive
    Strengthen orgasm
    Enhance sexual satisfaction
    Improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction
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FAQs: The P-Shot in Chicago at Luxura Modern Aesthetix

This all-natural treatment begins when we draw your blood and isolate the PRP in a centrifuge, right here in our office. We will then gently inject the PRP into the penis to stimulate blood vessel growth, tissue regeneration and overall healing in the targeted area.
Most patients see results within a few days after treatment, with continued improvements over several weeks as your blood vessels and tissues continue to regenerate and heal.
The P-Shot is a well-tolerated treatment. We will use a penile block to relieve any potential discomfort.
Because PRP is made from your own blood, it is a safe treatment with little to no risk of an allergic reaction or other side effects.
During your personal consultation, we will help you determine if the P-Shot is right for your individual needs and goals.