Luxe Aesthetic Academy

Learn to administer Botox injections during our hands-on course!

Available for RN, MD, PA, DO, DDS

  • $1500 (non refundable)
  • One 8 hour session
  • Bring your own model model, tox is seven dollars per unit
  • Models must have not had toxin for 4 months

Full day of training includes informational session followed by hands on supervised injections.

  • General principles and tips for injecting neurotoxins
  • Consenting & setting patient expectations
  • FDA Approved botulinum toxins, how they differ.
  • Reconstitution, dilution, and storage
  • Anatomical location of facial muscles
  • Proper injection techniques
  • Post-treatment recommendations to minimize adverse outcomes
  • Potential complications & how to manage complications

Lunch will be provided (30 minute break).

To check class schedule and sign up, please contact us!

Please be ready with,

  1. The license you carry
  2. License #, address, what type of medicine you practice now