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Slim, trim, and tone your contours without invasive measures or the hassle of downtime with the world’s top FDA-cleared body sculpting technologies.

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Who doesn’t like a little extra help now and then? CoolSculpting® is the extra body contouring help you’ve always wanted! This FDA-cleared non-invasive fat reduction treatment has helped millions of people around the world and counting to freeze away fat bulges with little to no downtime. Plus, it works anywhere you need it.
CoolSculpting helps tame a wide range of “problem” spots, including:
    Double chin
    Bra fat
    Belly pooch
    Love handles
    Spare tire
    Inner and outer thighs (saddlebags)
    Beneath the buttocks
    Upper arms (bat wings)
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FAQs: CoolSculpting in Chicago, IL

As its name implies, CoolSculpting uses cooling energy to freeze and disable targeted fat cells through a scientific process called cryolipolysis. Depending on the areas you are treating, you will either sit or lay back while CoolSculpting panels are applied to your target areas to cool down and freeze away fat. Once your fat cells are crystalized, your body will kick in and gradually purge the disabled fat cells in your urine in the weeks and months after your session.
There are no invasive measures with CoolSculpting and little to no downtime, so you’ll be able to resume your regular day no worse for the wear after your session.
CoolSculpting is a well-tolerated body contouring treatment that has been safely and successfully administered to millions of people. In the beginning of your session, you may experience tingling, pulling and slight discomfort as your targeted area becomes numb. Once you are fully numb, you should be able to relax while CoolSculpting does its job destroying unwanted fat cells.
On average, CoolSculpting reduces 20-25% of targeted fat cells per treatment, but every person responds differently to treatment. Some people achieve their body contouring goals with one treatment, whereas others may need two or three treatments to reach their goals.
You may experience numbness in your treatment areas, which subsides in the days to weeks following your session. Some patients may also experience slight bruising, redness or soreness. These side effects usually subside quickly and on their own.
Once CoolSculpting disables your fat cells, your body takes over and purges the cells from your body. This process is gradual, taking up to three months to reveal optimal results. Since every patient responds differently to treatment, some may see improvements sooner or later than three months. Rest assured, we will work with you to help you achieve your body contouring goals.
CoolSculpting treatments range from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the area and number of areas you are treating.
Your treatment cost will depend on the areas you are treating and your body contouring goals. Many patients opt to undergo a series of treatments to obtain optimal results. We will help you design the ideal CoolSculpting regimen to meet your unique goals and budgetary needs.