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We’re glad you’re here! Check out some fabulous special for this month. Click “redeem” and fill out the form on the next page to book. 

*Offers can’t be combined or “stacked” with other specials or discounts, but feel free to take advantage of more than one offer for separate appointments while they last! 

Weekdays from 4pm-6pm during IV Happy Hour, you can enjoy an exclusive $50 off any IV treatment! Check out some of our treatments HERE.

Get great discounts for many of the body recovery and brain boosting IV treatments at Luxura! Monthly Membership special is $120. With your membership, you get $50 off select IV treatments. For more details click here >

Take your weight loss goals to a new level! Luxura now offers self-administered weight loss kits, delivered to your home. For each 30 day kit you can choose injectable or tablet form. Kits are $350-$450 month.

Vitamin shots include: VitB12 30, Glutathione 30, Toradol 30, NAD 60/100, Super B 40, VitD 50/60/80, and LipoTropic B 40.

Give your body a boost! The "Hollywood Diet" is now available at Luxura. Keep your weight maintenance regiment on track or boost your weight loss gains!

  • $15 each (regularly $25).
  • Includes B12 Booster
Restoring NAD levels can have many health benefits, including improved metabolism, cognitive function, and the potential to reverse neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's. Supplementing NAD can be done through supplements or IV infusions.
  • NAD 2 hours $350 (regularly $400)
  • NAD 4 hours $525 (regularly $600)

Call for details about the new "Hollywood" diet! Greatly boost your regular weight management strategy.

Starting at $500/month

Manage your hair restoration and get results! Book now and save on your treatment plan.

25% off three PRP hair restoration sessions.

IV therapy can treat a wide range of ailments. Feeling sluggish or recovering from a cold? Just need a boost or reset? We got you!

Buy two IV therapy treatments, get one free (excluding NAD treatments).

Do you want to get rid of those wrinkles and fine lines that make you look tired and aged? Book now and see results right away!

$40 off Jeaveau tox, (30 units minimum).

Sculptra dermal fillers can restore youthfulness to the face, making it an excellent option for those looking to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Buy two vials of Sculptra get $100 off each vial, total $200 off!