Hair’s the Point

Whether we want to grow more of it or get rid of it, hair is fundamental to our identity. Here at Luxura Modern Aesthetix, we take your hair concerns seriously, providing state-of-the-art PRP Hair Restoration and Laser Hair Reduction for top-level results.
  • PRP Hair Restoration at Luxura Modern Aesthetix combines clinically-proven treatments including microneedling, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and the hair-growth drug Minoxidil to stimulate hair growth safely and effectively. Studies indicate superior hair growth with this combination approach, as opposed to hair growth treatments involving PRP alone.
  • Laser Hair Reduction at Luxura Modern Aesthetix uses non-invasive laser energy to disable unwanted hair follicles, resulting in a reduction of hair growth in targeted areas. For your best results, we perform a series of laser hair reduction treatments over the course of several months.
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FAQs: PRP Hair Restoration & Laser Hair Reduction in Chicago, IL

We offer two types of PRP Hair Restoration, PRP with or without Minoxidil. Our first step is drawing your blood to prepare your PRP for treatment. This process takes only minutes. While your PRP is being prepared, we will numb your scalp with a topical numbing agent. Once the PRP is ready, we will microneedle your target areas, creating tiny treatment channels, or holes, in your skin before applying PRP over them. These holes work in two ways because they not only stimulate your skin’s natural healing response, but they also enhance your skin’s absorption of PRP. This combination of microneedling and PRP creates a synergistic healing response, maximizing your hair-growth benefits.
If desired, we can add Minoxidil to the PRP and microneedling treatment. Clinical research indicates that patients who previously had no luck with Minoxidil showed significant improvements when Minoxidil was administered in conjunction with microneedling. Research also shows that Minoxidil with microneedling provides better hair growth than treatments with just Minoxidil alone.
During your personal consultation, we will carefully study your hair loss to determine if our treatments may benefit you. Some degree of male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, affects two-thirds of American men by age 35 and about 85% of men by age 50. PRP and Minoxidil are two proven treatments for this most common type of hair loss, and there’s a good chance they may help you!