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Vein Treatments

Estimated Price: Needs Consultation

Fed up with unsightly veins on your legs or other area?

Banish small veins and broken capillaries on the legs and face with ease, thanks to the non-invasive and no-downtime power of laser vein treatments!

Consider a non-invasive vein treatment that can clear away troubled veins with little to no downtime. Laser vein treatment at Luxura is an easy solution for reducing small veins and capillaries. We target concerned veins with intense pulses of light to disable the vein, causing it to collapse and gradually fade from view.

Booking your appointment at Luxura is easy and convenient. You can book online directly from our website, making it easier for you to schedule your consultation and treatment around your busy schedule.

Our luxurious med spa locations in the South Loop and Lakeview offer a welcoming and comfortable environment to help you relax and unwind while achieving your aesthetic goals. Our priority is to provide our patients with the best experience possible, from the moment they walk through the doors until they leave feeling confident and refreshed.

If you're ready to say goodbye to those pesky veins and hello to beautiful, smooth skin, then contact Luxura today to schedule your Laser Vein Treatment appointment. We look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals and providing you with the luxurious experience you deserve.

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